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It's Our Commitment

Our Philosophy

They say life comes to full circle. This is being put into practice by Thakur family, owner of Prakriti Aalay. After spending around two illustrious decades in corporate, touching lives and locations across the globe, Kishore Thakur and Amita Thakur decided to pursue their passion of building the finest and luxurious Eco resorts and Camp sites, starting from Camp Lungta in Dharmshala, which has already become a benchmark in ethnicity, bare luxury and service, just within a year. Camp Lungta’s philosophy is finding another cherished expression at Prakriti Aalay.
dharamshala the hill city
its our commitment

Our Inspiration

Entire Prakriti Aalay is hand crafted, right from stones to sundried adobes to bamboos to recycled wood to natural slates; every corner is full of fresh breath. Every aspect of the rooms and suites, from their traditional architecture to rustic interiors and to contemporary furnishing has been planned in harmony to nature; thus creating an atmosphere of seamless surprises and unique textures around them. It’s a true amalgamation of traditional architecture, eco construction and contemporary amenities.

Passion and Profession

Throughout their life, Kishore and Amita have demonstrated highest level of passion and professionalism. These virtues are now the cornerstone of the Prakriti Aalay’s working philosophy. Prakriti Aalay’s business beliefs puts ethics and service above the personal interests; and advocates the virtues of ‘high thinking & simple living’ as its core driving value.

Whether it’s the sumptuously appointed rooms…similar but not the identical suites with personal attention, decks, sky windows, bon fire; authentic food, array of activities, service from the heart, here at Prakriti Aalay Dharmshala, you will be a relaxed soul everywhere, all the time … it’s our commitment.
its our commitment