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Spirit Of Nature

Our Inspiration

Prakriti Aalay is inspired from the undaunted spirit of Himalayas, exhibited in the local architect, expressed in the unparallel beauty of the Kangra valley and can be felt in the folklore of rich traditions… it’s trying to preserve.
Every day, in every form, in every deed … Prakriti Aalay is trying to connect everyone with nature to experience and live the very Spirit of the Nature in an unparallel Eco setting where you are going to discover a vernacular dimension to luxury.
spirit of nature
spirit of nature
At Prakriti Aalay, we have left no stone unturned to give you a luxurious and comfortable stay. At the same time no stone has been turned needlessly and every effort is tried to preserve the nature as it should be …very responsibly.
What you will get at Prakriti Aalay is the most exclusive and unique holidays, where you are drawn into the warp and weft of indigenous construction, warmth of traditional culture, aroma of authentic food and at the same time without losing out on the contemporary luxuries that are your privilege.
We aspire to offer everlasting experiences that will enrich and enlighten our guests …experiences that will tell the importance of eco systems of which we are all a part; and the measures we have taken consciously to lighten-up the load upon an already stressed environment through the Prakriti Aalay initiatives and commitments.
Ultimate experiences that will help you re-discover that the mind, body, and soul are in perfect harmony when you are at Prakriti Aalay where Spirit of the Nature stays.
spirit of nature